Dear MTG,

Another year over and what a year it was. With your help, we sought (and found!) some seriously extraordinary social entrepreneurs who we’re sure will make a big impact by improving children’s lives. Real game changers! We’re so thankful for all your support during these past twelve months and look forward to another great year in 2016. And don’t miss to read about our game changers below! Enjoy!

All the best, Reach for Change

PS: The picture on the front is from our game changers campaign in Lithuania.


Skeppsbron 18

Box 2094

111 30 Stockholm


Meet the Game Changers

Reach for Change and MTG teamed up yet again in 2015 for a group-wide campaign to seek out the most innovative social entrepreneurs out there. The campaign, now in its second year, was amazingly well-received and we managed to attract and track down some truly inspiring individuals to support. All purpose-driven, all solution-led, and all with a game-changing approach to long lasting social change.

Ashod Derandonyan and Alexander Ivanov


Ashod and Alexander are working to help the deaf and hard of hearing community find new ways of communicating and making themselves heard. Their “Listen Up Foundation” certainly got our attention and we hope that our support can help them amplify their important message even further.

Mikael Højbjerg and Thomas Mose


Mikael and Thomas run a research-based digital platform with multi-sensory exercises that facilitate dyslexia training within the classroom. We think they’re onto a great tool and hope our support can help them reach more kids with this reading disorder.

Getter Toome


Getter works to improve health and safety awareness among young children in the hope that this will decrease the number of serious accidents among kindergarten kids. She has developed a fun theatre production, which highlights some common risks both at home and at school. It’s entertainment at its best in our view.

Dana Narvaiša


Dana’s Get to Know Your Child initiative is working to create a support programme for at risk children in kindergarten and primary school. With a mix of theory and practice, we think her methodology is working wonders and wish her every success.

Artiomas Šabajevas


Artiomas has established a special health and fitness centre aimed at children struggling with overweight and obesity. Establishing the centre was a dream come true for Artiomas, who now wants to spend his time helping the children he works with achieve their dreams of a better life too. Of course, we’re only too happy to support Artiomas and the kids on their road to a healthier lifestyle.

Firdawsa Ahmed and Saad Hashi


Firdawsa and Saad organise courses which aim to foster better communication between teachers and immigrant families. The aim is to help facilitate integration and provide a better understanding of the Norwegian school system. A great and necessary initiative.