2015 Highlights

Our people come from all across the globe. In 2015, a full 38 nationalities were represented at our offices.

96% of our new employees mandatorily signed our code of conduct, whistleblower, and anti-bribery and corruption policies in 2015. It’s important that everyone at MTG adheres to the same ethical standards.

Our total carbon emissions were up more than half a percent in 2015, but emissions per employee (excl. Thisisnice) were down more than 2%.

When it comes to corruption, our tolerance level is zero. It’s also our number of confirmed cases of corruption during 2015. Prevention is always better than cure so we make our stance clear through policies, guidelines and training, as well as an in-house gift register.

35 round trips to the moon. Or 26,792,500km to be exact. That’s how far our employees flew in 2015. At 61%, travel is our biggest emission factor. Yes, we are expanding as a business, but we are also looking at new ways to reduce our carbon footprint by adopting virtual meeting solutions.

91% of our content is translated on any given day. Through subtitling, voice-over and dubbing, we make sure that our content is accessible to anyone and everyone in each market where we operate.

MTG Sweden’s refugee fundraising special raised nearly €375,000 for the UN Refugee Agency in 2015.

CDP. They help us help the environment by giving us a better idea of how we measure up against ourselves and against others. In 2015, we scored 95C out of a possible 100 and on a scale from A to E. Not bad considering the average score was 84C.

We were included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the fourth year running in 2015. We were also included in the RobecoSAM Yearbook for the third time.


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