Our key issues

How have we decided the report content and what issues to focus on? We have reached out to all of our stakeholder groups to establish what they think is of most interest and importance, which has helped us establish the most relevant areas for our business. The list is also based on the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Media Sector Supplement and the work we have done together with our peers in the Media CSR Forum.

Area of excellence

Content quality.

Focus and business critical areas

Health, safety and security for employees. Ensure and promote equality and diversity for employees. Child and minor protection. Ensure effective anti-corruption management. Data protection and privacy.

Hygiene level

Fair and decent working conditions. Reduce energy consumption. Reduce carbon emissions. Environmental management. Care for responsible management of e-waste. Safe and sound environment for visitors. Community engagement. Ensure a sustainable supply chain. Awareness of the impact of content. Safe guarding intellectual property rights. Combat digital fraud issues. Responsible advertising. Editorial independence. Freedom of expression. Valuing creativity. Content accessibility. Transparent and credible dialogue and information.