Keeping our negative impact to a minimum. Maximising our positive impact. That’s basically our green agenda. We keep track of our carbon footprint, encourage green thinking and support environmental NGO’s and campaigns.

Our total carbon emissions were up more than half a percent in 2015, but emissions per employee (excl. Thisisnice) were down more than 2%.

Our energy consumption for 2015 was up by nearly 3%, but we have reduced it by 13% since 2010. Similarly, energy consumption per employee was up by 12% for the year, but down by 22% since 2010.

How much of our energy comes from renewable sources? Answer: 13%. And counting!

35 round trips to the moon. Or 26,792,500km to be exact. That’s how far our employees flew in 2015. At 61%, travel is our biggest emission factor. Yes, we are expanding as a business, but we are also looking at new ways to reduce our carbon footprint by adopting virtual meeting solutions.

Our guiding light when determining environmental and health impacts of our operations. Not just because the law tells us to, but because we’re committed to doing what’s right.

CDP. They help us help the environment by giving us a better idea of how we measure up against ourselves and against others. In 2015, we scored 95C out of a possible 100 and on a scale from A to E. Not bad considering the average score was 84C.

During 2015, our employees traveled 9,041,317km by car (excl. taxi). That's a total of 775 round trips from Paris to New York. On a positive note, it’s an 11% reduction from 2014 and we’re heading in the right direction.

We marked green office week in 2015 to remind and encourage employees to make small changes to their working habits to positively impact the environment. The week raised awareness of key green issues and provided practical advice to create a more sustainable way of working.

TV3 Latvia got on their brooms again in 2015 and supported The Big Clean-up campaign, which challenges the Latvian population to clean up the country’s litter.

Our UK employees rolled up their sleeves and cleaned part of the Thames riverbank in 2015. The clean-up was organised by Thames 21, one of the UK’s leading waterway charities who work with communities across Greater London to clear rivers, canals, ponds and lakes of clutter for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Earth Hour for 7 years? That’s how long we’ve been supporting this global campaign. It makes sense because fighting climate change is not a 60 minute job, but a long term commitment.


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