Our goals

2016 Goals Status Future goals    
To roll out the revised anti-bribery and corruption policy across MTG and support with relevant face-to-face training. Roll out complete and policy revised. Face to face training still in progress, both across our established offices and new acquisitions. To continue to roll out of targeted managerial training to senior management at MTG.
Integrate the anti-bribery and corruption policy signature process and e-learning training into our new HR and intranet.
Establish a due diligence process for relevant suppliers, which incorporates the use of the supplier code of conduct. Partially complete. The supplier code of conduct has been rolled out, but the due diligence process is still under review.      
    A 50/50 split in male vs female managerial ratio by 2020.    
Work life balance        
Revised benefits and rewards structure, in line with local business practice and regulations, to be fully integrated in the Baltics, Eastern Europe and Africa by 2015. Due to a major re-structure of MTG’s functions during 2015 this central revision has not been carried out and is currently on indefinite hold. However, local offices are still encouraged to work actively with work-life balance as a concept.      
Reduce energy consumption per employee by 23% by 2015 (baseline 2010). Energy consumption per employee reduced by 22%. Revise and update MTG’s travel policy by end of 2016.    
Data protection, customer data integrity and privacy        
Develop and make appropriate data protection training available to employees.

 Monitor and prepare for the forthcoming EU data protection regulation.
Training developed and rolled out across many countries and EU data protection update rolled out to management. Continue development of data protection processes within MTG, including hosting an update session on the new EU data protection regulation.
Develop data protection breach guidelines and training for relevant staff.
Child protection        
 Create internal training on online safety and how to protect children from harmful content. Include the training in new employee introduction by Q3 2015. Training course is currently under development and will be included in the new employee introduction during 2016.  90% of employees to have completed training course by Q3 2016.    
    Implement information security awareness programme by end of 2016.
Continue to coordinate MTG's content protection and anti-piracy efforts, both internally with in-house teams and externally with the Audio Visual Anti-Piracy Alliance.
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